Speaker at VREF Conferance on Urban Freight at Chalmers

Speaker at VREF Conferance on Urban Freight at Chalmers
6 March, 2015 Ulrika Bohman


Mindconnect participates in the international conference “VREF Conferance on Urban Freight”, organised by Chalmers University of Technology and Westminster University. The conference gathers leading researchers, politicians and private sector, to adress the importance of effective city planning.

Jonas Bohman is one of the speakers and talks about how Mindconnect works with big data in real-time in order to optimise transports in urban areas.

Program content:

Using open (and big) data to improve urban logistics
Digitalisation of the transport industry is accelerating rapidly. We are now
producing vast amounts of (digital) data about products, goods, resources,
people, infrastructure and business processes. In an urban environment,
where both time and space are scarce resources, there is an ever increasing
need to make better and more informed decisions. This session will look into
what may come from using Big data and Open data in urban transport.

Big data in freight transport – an outlook
Per Olof Arnäs, Chalmers

Open data and its potential
Daniel Rudmark, Viktoria Swedish ICT

Optimizing Urban Freight with Real Time Big Data today
Jonas Bohman, Mindconnect