Eventico used @ Europe’s largest MTB event

Eventico used @ Europe’s largest MTB event
5 November, 2019 Ulrika Bohman

2019.11.05. The effectiveness of our Eventico delivery tool has yet been demonstrated at Roc d’Azur 2019.

Roc d’Azur is an annual mountain biking event held in Fréjus and Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France during October. It consists of 35 different races over 5 days, attracting 20000 riders from various countries and 100000 visitors.Eventico @ Roc d'Azur

We asked Frédéric Salomone, Race Director Roc d’Azur, a couple of questions about his experience planning and executing the event with Eventico.

  • What differentiates Eventico from the tools you had before?

“With Eventico I get a bird’s eye view of our operational set-up without having to work with multiple spreadsheets and software.

As the data is accessible online I know that my team and the administrative authorities use the updated version of our operational plan and tasks… Moreover I am delighted not to have to carry out multiple briefings to ensure that everyone has the right information.”

“When it comes to execution, we are clearly talking about a major innovation! By connecting the operational staff to the Eventico app, we can at last get a snapshot of the progress of execution... and in case of the unforeseen, we are much more responsive because in one click we can geolocate and reach out to connected teams (staff, rescue, police, security agent, contractors, volunteers …) via their smartphones.”

  • What is the main advantage with Eventico?

“The transparency and simplicity that the platform creates by allowing the synthesis of information; but also the transmission of information in a more fluid way…

…this improves the efficiency of our operations and speed of execution, especially in the event of an emergency response. Moreover, the tool is particularly intuitive and pleasant to use!”

  • What future do you see for Eventico?

“Eventico digitizes operational processes of event delivery and will undoubtedly become the preferred tool for those responsible for security and logistics operations.”


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