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Everything we do is with the future in mind

At Mindconnect we think outside the box

Mindconnect is a location intelligence company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. We create commercial solutions through our specialties of big data analytics and real-time information. Currently we have two platforms CityFlow®, smart mobility, and Eventico®, large scale event management.

Today we are a tight team with different competence which can solve technically demanding problems. We often think outside the box when we strive to find the ingenious solution that sometimes requires collaboration and definitely triggers the mind. Simplicity and user-friendliness are key in our final products.

Our CEO Jonas Bohman founded the company in 2011, based on the conviction that accurate data and spatial problem-solving can radically improve the way businesses operate in the digital era. Today, the proprietary technology and products that we have built prove our ability to commercialise innovative solutions on the markets we choose to adress.



Heavily investing in R&D – to reduce the carbon footprint of transports


The transport sector is under-going rapid transformation. We believe autonomous vehicles will need the most granular maps and real-time traffic information to provide maximum fleet efficiency.

We are carrying out experimental development to offer a new level of underlying data and optimisation that meets the future needs of electric and autonomous vehicles. This includes the development of new innovative solutions for fuel efficient transports, in collaboration with the Automotive industry and supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Estimates by WWF show that Mindconnect technology and analytics as a base for optimization of transports has the potential to reduce emissions by 31 million tonnes CO2 per year worldwide.

Why choose Mindconnect?

Experts at what we do

Experts at what we do

We only start collaborations when there is a strong and clearly defined competence and technical base.

Future oriented

Future oriented

We will get you to 2025 on time, join us!



We provide a growing list of customisable options for our clients.

Cost-efficient & scalable

Cost-efficient & scalable

Our proprietary location intelligence technology delivers no matter how big or small you are.

Removing the limits of innovation

See the video Telia Sonera and Cisco system produced about how they facilitate innovation at SUP46 and the Mindconnect operations (left). Mindconnect grows with Microsoft Azure (right).


Mindconnect is expanding and creating an interesting future. With our unique proprietary technology and creative thinking we are enabling our customers and partners to stay competitive.

Become part of our team and take the opportunity to carve out your own role in the company. Our offices are located in the centre of Stockholm (Medborgarplatsen). We believe in giving a lot of freedom in terms of your daily work, coupled with a shared responsibility to develop great products and services together.


Stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn as we will be opening up for new opportunities ahead.

If you think you would be a perfect fit in our team don’t hesitate to reach out!




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