Meet our new member!

Meet our new member!
1 September, 2017 admin

AlimAlim Polat
31.08.2017. Interview with our new recruited

Please tell us a little about your background?
I got my Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from Linköping University and did my postdoctoral research at Oregon Health and Science University, OR, USA and Karolinska Institute in Sweden. I have 10 years of working experience in an international environment (Asia, Europe, and the US) in data science and analytical problem-solving. When I solve problems, my day starts with What?, How?, Why? and When?

What excited you about Mindconnect to want to join the team?
What excites me the most about Mindconnect is the vision of Mindconnect that creating intelligent and smart traffic solution for international urban areas. The creativity of the team and the passion that my colleagues have about what they are doing are also a major factor that helps me decide to join Mindconnect.

What expertise of yours do you think would be the most helpful for Mindconnect moving forward?
My research experience in academia and background in modeling, data mining, big data, machine learning will be helpful on my Mindconnect Project to build next generation deep learning artificial intelligent traffic prediction model.
Welcome Alim!