We’re recruiting! Exciting job opportunities!

We’re recruiting! Exciting job opportunities!
8 May, 2017 Ulrika Bohman


And WOMEN wanted!

We are…

Mindconnect’s goal – apart from world domination (at least in Traffic Information Services) – is to improve the way we move in urban areas, by learning from traffic patterns, optimizing fleet movements and enabling more efficient mobility services.

For us to accomplish that we need more people joining our team. If you are interested in working with cutting-edge technology in a fast-paced but rewarding work environment at the same time as you help develop tools for reducing CO2-emissions, help reduce traffic congestion and contribute towards the traffic systems of the future, then have a look at what skills and competences we are looking for at the moment and send an application to us.

You get to be part of an expanding team and will have the opportunity to carve out your own role in the company. We believe in giving a lot of freedom in terms of your daily work, coupled with a shared responsibility to develop great products and services together.

You are…

We don’t believe people are cast in the same mold. Everyone have their own set of traits and skills. That is why great things happen when people work together and bring different things to the creation table. However, we do think there are a few minimum criteria that you need to be able to check the boxes in order to succeed on the positions Mindconnect are hiring for right now.

Apart from being team-oriented with an ability to carry out your own tasks, we are looking for knowledge in a combination of these skills depending on what position you are applying for:

  • Developers JAVA, Git, Maven, Unix, Mongo, MySQL, Jira, Cassandra, Apache Storm
  • Tools used in domains such as GIS, Big Data analyses and machine learning such as QGIS, ArcGIS, CartoDB, …
  • Developers with a combination of different skills as listed above.
  • People with a background in Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Click here for our job openings: https://mindconnect.se/?page_id=12


Why Mindconnect…

There are many reasons why you should come work with us. Some of them include:

Flat Organization: At Mindconnect, we believe in having a flat organization. Project managers and supervisors are there to make your life easy so that you can create great products and services. There is very little over-the-shoulder managing, instead we rely on you asking for help when you need it in order to complete the tasks you have been assigned.

Team Spirit: Everybody can give input and ideas on how we come up with technical solutions. We are still small enough so that you can help out in many different areas. But if you choose to become the company guru in your field, that is fine as well. Sharing your knowledge in your area of expertise is encouraged.

Career Development: Want to grow professionally? Great! We encourage you to take on as much responsibility as you want. Whether it is by honing your skills to go from good to excellent in your expert area, or if you want to move towards leadership as a project manager or supervisor, we will do everything to keep you developing as a professional.

Work Environment: We are located on Folkungagatan right next to Medborgarplatsen. That means you can get to and from work by public transport like a boss! It also means that when we want to celebrate a successful deal, a breakthrough release or your birthday – we don’t need to waste much time finding a suitable place in the sun for an after-work beer or other beverage of choice.

We also want to encourage a healthy lifestyle with a dose of team-building (don´t worry, we won’t drag you off to some awkward team-building exercise which will make you cringe at the memory for months to come). That’s why those who want, get together twice a week during lunch to play floorball, b-ball or try out Insanity work-out in the indoor gymnasium in our office building. Mindconnect will let you use 30 minutes of work time and you put in 30 minutes of your lunch time. You might think it equals 60 minutes. And it does, but you also get to have fun and relax with your colleagues.

We share common spaces with other start-up companies so you’ll be able to meet a lot of cool people to talk to, or play a game of table tennis or have a cup of coffee (it’s free – have as much as you want). We also have flexible working hours so you decide if you want to come in late or leave early.

At Mindconnect we believe that diversity is a good thing –  it helps create an including and friendly work environment. As such, we encourage women to apply. As well as people from all over the world. As long as you are skilled at what you do and you are a team-player, we don’t care about anything else.


Send your CV and personal letter to recruitment@mindconnect.se and let us know which positions you are applying for (yes, you may apply to more than one). If you want to submit other relevant things that you think would help your case, you are free to do so (code examples, letters of recommendation etc.).


Have something you want to ask us?

Contact Ronnie Lindberg for more information: +46 73 622 27 53