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Location Intelligence Platform

Though accurate data and spatial problem-solving we significantly improve the competitiveness of our customers.

Mindconnect enables you to utilize your data and significantly improve your efficiency which will directly affect your bottom line. By smartly getting you where you need to go safely, saving fuel and time you’ll lessening your carbon footprint through our proprietary CityFlow platform. Behind the scenes we’re keeping our eyes on the future through our R&D projects with the Swedish Energy Department and various companies. Mindconnect’s commercially available event management platform continues our strive for efficiency by digitalizing large scale event management process and traffic management in cities.

Global CO2 potential

The transport sector is one of largest emitter of greenhouse gases. That is why we believe it is critical to enable transports to operate more efficiently. We aim to create smarter mobility, more safety and security with a substantial reduction of the negative impact of transports on the environment.

Our highly granular traffic information in urban areas offers a unique opportunity to lower fuel consumption and increase the utilization rate of transports. Companies connecting to our CityFlow platform can reduce their fuel consumption by 5% and thereby cut CO2 emissions.

Half a billion cars are expected to be connected to internet by 2020. Estimates by WWF show that Mindconnect technology and analytics as a base for optimization of transports has the potential to reduce emissions by 31 million tonnes CO2 per year worldwide. This represents emissions five times greater than Mexico City annually.


Being stuck in traffic is not only frustrating. It’s a big waste of time and resources. The potential to improve the way we move in urban areas, by learning from traffic patterns, optimizing fleet movements and creating new consumer services in each minute-mile is incredible.

Over the last few years we created a powerful platform that gives an unprecedented overview of road conditions and how travel-times will evolve over the day.

Together with our intelligent routing layer for minute level data we enable higher utilization rates of vehicle fleets and improved customer service. Companies become more pro-active, not constantly having to react to changed plans. Our technology helps even the most experienced drivers with years on the same roads, when it comes to finding the fastest, most fuel-efficient way to destination.

CityFlow API

We leverage location intelligence and provide fast, accurate access to our real-time and predictive traffic and road information through our API services. A wide range of applications can be imagined and developed for mobile, web or in-car solutions.

Example of services provided:

  • Routing, A to B: Get fastest, shortest, vehicle specific, up to 3 route suggestions
  • Plan your travel: Know when to leave to arrive a certain time
  • Multiple destinations: Get the most efficient order of traveling
  • Vehicle reach: Calculate how far you get in within a certain time frame
  • Closest asset: Manage your entire fleet
  • Day profile: See how travel-times change on a certain route over the day
  • Estimated fixed price: Get time and length of travel to estimate price cost
  • Evaluate your travels
    • Did driver take fastest route
    • Did driver differ from directed route

Benefits of working with us:

The benefit of working with us is that you take decisions based on what is actually happening out on the roads. You are not blindly following the plan you set yesterday, your experience or pre-computed routes from navigation devices. You are constantly adapting your plan to real-world traffic conditions and your organisation’s specific requirements.

Fresh maps

Fresh maps

Our maps are continuously updated to reflect the actual status of the road network. Routing on closed roads, due to temporarily road-works or events, is avoided.

Predictive traffic

Predictive traffic

We don’t just provide a static picture of what’s going on. We anticipate how our users will be affected by traffic all along their journey. This results in highly accurate ETA.

Dynamic routing

Dynamic routing

Mindconnect’s proprietary routing engine is built for dynamic city traffic. Experienced drivers appreciate our smart routes. ETA shows to be highly accurate.


Reduced fuel consumption

Reduced fuel consumption

Our highly granular traffic information in urban areas offers a unique opportunity to lower fuel consumption and increase the utilization rate of transports.

CityFlow Commute

Plan ahead and avoid traffic! CityFlow Commute is a real-time traffic service that gives an unprecedented overview of how travel-times will evolve over the day. CityFlow Commute contributes to easing congestion and lessens the carbon-footprint of commuters. Currently available in Sweden.

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Large events in urban areas, such as running and cycling races, often have a large impact on the traffic situation.

Our innovative solution Eventico puts event organizers in control of their events. With Eventico you efficiently plan your event, schedule activities and coordinate your team along the course. Eventico enables well-planned and safe events, for participants, volunteers and spectators. Communication towards inhabitants and coordination with different authorities is facilitated.

The Eventico integrated mobile and web solution is available across the globe.

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