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The team behind the future of traffic

At Mindconnect we are driven by the challenge of mapping and interpreting the local traffic situation, with the aim of enabling more efficient mobility solutions.


The company was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Our team is strongly innovation focused. Our development team consists of civil engineers with experience from various fields within Product Design, Big Data Analytics, IT architecture, Technical Project Lead and Software Engineering.

R&D project – smarter & greener transports

To stay in the forefront of innovation we are carrying out experimental development to offer a new level of underlying data and optimisation that meets the future needs of autonomous vehicles. This includes the development of new innovative solutions for fuel efficient transports, in collaboration with the Automotive industry and supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Why choose Mindconnect?

Accurate and relevant

Accurate and relevant

We are not a one-for-all solution. We focus on quality for B2B and dynamic city traffic. Try us out!

Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable

We’ve developed our platform for accommodating large amounts of transactions. This provides you with fast and scalable solutions.

Individual adaptation

Individual adaptation

Handling the entire process from data collection to real-time navigation enables us to efficiently tailor-make our services to meet your specific needs.

Personal support

Personal support

The transport sector is in need of new technology to meet the changing competitive landscape. We take pride in providing high quality and reactive support.

Removing the limits of innovation

See the video Telia Sonera and Cisco system produced about how they facilitate innovation at SUP46 and the Mindconnect operations.




Mindconnects research and development is supported by:




Mindconnect is in an expanding phase and creating an interesting future. With our cutting-edge technology and creative thinking we are enabling mobility providers to stay competitive.

Become part of our growing team and take the opportunity to carve out your own role in the company. Our offices are located in the centre of Stockholm (Medborgarplatsen). We believe in giving a lot of freedom in terms of your daily work, coupled with a shared responsibility to develop great products and services together.

We’re recruiting, Join us!



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Send your CV and personal letter to recruitment@mindconnect.se and let us know which positions you are applying for (yes, you may apply to more than one). If you want to submit other relevant things that you think would help your case, you are free to do so (code examples, letters of recommendation etc).


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ronnie Lindberg +46 76 25 99 66 2 for more information.

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