We strive to improve urban traffic to save time and create smarter and greener transports

Increasingly connected devices are generating a rapid growth of movement data. At Mindconnect we make use of this input.

We crunch billions of data points and give an unparalleled insight of how traffic flows change throughout the day and over time.

The benefits of working with us are striking – for you and for the environment

Fresh map

Continuously updated to reflect the actual status of the road network. This means we do not route users on closed roads due to temporarily road-works or events.

Traffic management

We predict how traffic will evolve over time. So we offer more than just the now, we anticipate how our users will be affected by traffic all along their journey.

Dynamic routing

Mindconnect’s proprietary routing engine is built for dynamic city traffic. Experienced drivers appreciate our smart routes. ETA shows to be highly accurate.

Reduced fuel consumption

Our highly granular traffic information in urban areas offers a unique opportunity to lower fuel consumption and increase the utilization rate of transports.

Through our location based platform, CityFlow, we help mobility service providers make smart decisions in urban traffic, improving customer experience and generating higher profits.


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